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Fall-Winter 2011

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FEA TURE ADOBE'S DIGITAL PUBLISHING SUITE > MOVING WITH THE MEDIUM WORDS BY RIC GETTER Photo credit: Courtesy National Geographic Working quickly to achieve its mission "to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge," the 33 original members of the National Geographic Society published the first issue of its journal only a matter of months after the group was chartered. It wasn't until a decade later that the Society's new president, one Alexander Graham Bell, recognized the potential of the magazine as a force in popularizing the society and, in 1903, put his son-in-law, Gilbert Grosvenor, at its helm. When Grosvenor defied convention and added 11 pages of photos to an article on Tibet, he feared being fired. Instead, he received congratulations from the Society and established the magazine at the cutting edge of photojournalism for a century to come. Grosvenor's tradition of editorial daring and visual excellence continued as the moved into TV, multimedia, online and, most recently, onto the iPad. We not only had a chance to try out the Suite, but also talked with Drew Onufer, VP of Digital and Interactive Products for the about the role it played in its move to the iPad. Though, like many magazines, it started out and is still available on Zinio, tradition of publishing excellence (as well as tight production deadlines) demanded something more and the became an early adopter of Adobe's new Digital Publishing Suite. "The challenge that we had was that we didn't have complete control over the production process [with Zinio]," according to Onufer. He told us that the Digital Publishing Suite was a tool that would make sure that the iPad version would be up to their standards. The Suite also allowed them to release the electronic publication the same day the magazine is mailed to subscribers. From InDesign to the Cloud The Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) is composed of features added to InDesign CS5.5, desktop and iPod apps for viewing previews, and a number of online/cloud services hosted by Adobe providing a start-to-finish workflow. The Overlay Creator is a new InDesign panel that contains a versatile set of tools 108 MacDirectory N a t i o n a l G e o g r a p h i c G e o g r a p h i c G e o g r a p h i c

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