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CLOSER LOOK ALGORIDDIM >LISTEN TO DJAY WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES You can do about anything on your computer. Go shopping, control your bank accounts and even get inspired and create swanky tunes with only a few clicks. A typical DJ setup can be pricy, heavy and very delicate. It is difficult to carry around turntables and bring them to every social gathering you have. But what if you could carry this whole setup in you backpack, or your pocket? Djay makes that possible. Algoriddim is a German-based software company specializing in cutting-edge audio and multimedia applications for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Its mission is to develop software that is intuitive and user-friendly, yet offers the quality and power of professional level software. Algoriddim consistently seeks out innovative methods for accommodating the needs of its customers, and its flagship music software, djay, is now serving a broad international audience of music lovers, professional DJs and world-class musicians. On May 17, 2011, djay released an enhanced version for the iPad 2. And most recently djay won the 2011 Apple Design Award for this product. The most distinct added feature is the supreme quality of Time-Stretching, or Key Lock, and it has an even higher precision audio analysis. There is also a loop/cue snapping which allows a closes snare, base drum and more. Algoriddim currently offers djay for the iPad, for the iPhone and for Mac computers. While each program operates slightly differently (due to the differences in the operating systems) they all turn the personal device of your choice into a complete DJ system. Users of the iPad and iPhone app have a full operating DJ setup on their fingertips, complete with a realistic turntable and mixer interface to spin, scratch and cue right on the touchscreen. There are many perks to having djay in your hands. The software was created to have direct access to your iTunes library and allowing users to match beats, scratch and even leave it on Automix mode to let the software do the work for 96 MacDirectory hours. This allows everyone, from pro DJs to music lovers, to have fun and successfully use the software. It is very user-friendly and full of surprises, one just never knows what to expect when the djaying starts. Use the Real-Time Sampler to record sound clips, use audio effects, add your own voice into the mix with the built-in microphone, and drag two fingers to get the full effect of auto-cut scratching. Explore all the features that djay has available. Try the iTunes integration and create your own music by mixing songs directly from your library. Just drag and drop! Use the tempo detection and the on-the-fly beat to have perfect transitions between your favorite songs. Scratch, mix and loop with a mouse or the multi-touch trackpad. Since the app directly links iTunes music library, this provides an easy access to favorite tracks and enabling them to start spinning music in just moments. Djay lets music lovers and DJ pros unleash their creativity anywhere and anytime to perform live, record mixes on-the-go, or use Automix mode to mix a favorite playlist automatically. Being fully optimized for iOS multitasking and background operation, users can even listen to a continuous mix while surfing the web or playing games. In addition, there are a few accessories that customers can purchase to enhance their experience even more. There is the djay Remote, which allows you to wirelessly control your beats from anywhere in the room. The remote has full access to your iTunes, you can use the remote without Wi-Fi, and you can run the remote on your iPhone or iTouch. Try the Vestax Spin, allowing anyone to mix, scratch, and play music as a professional DJ would. Use the Keyboard Cover, which is color coded with all of djays extensive keyboard shortcuts. And use the djay MIDI controller for even more customization. Visit Algoriddim online at , and .

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