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CLOSER LOOK IGO INC. > INNOVATIONS FOR ALL YOUR MOBILE DEVICE ACCESSORIES WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES built-in options that will get you the best experience while listening to your favorite tunes. You can even make a call, and use the built-in microphone. These earbuds will give you the highest quality listening experience you can possibly get of such a little device. "From products that cool and protect to those that allow you to share your favorite It's been hard to find all the accessories for your personal devices under one roof, until iGo stepped in. iGo was founded in 1995 in Scottsdale, Ariz. Find what you need for your mobile phone, laptop, MP3 players, satellite radio, and Bluetooth. It carries an innovative line of products that are essential to keep your personal belongings protected and working properly. Say goodbye to dead batteries, and broken screens. Keeping your belongings safe and powered was never this easy. Enjoy all the features offered by today's mobile electronic devices. iGo has a selective assortment of products that will match up with your device and enhance its sound and visuals. In addition, iGo does its part with the environment. They carry and award-winning eco-friendly line that will power your gadgets, and at the same time eliminate wasteful and expensive standby or "vampire" power. iGo is always trying to come up with new innovations for its customers. Fresh new solutions are always coming out to facilitate the user experience with the always changing electronic market. With iGo, you will know that you are using your device in the most efficient, eco-friendly way possible. 94 MacDirectory videos and music, iGo is leading the way with mobile accessories and power management solutions for almost every mobile device," said Wally Thornton, vice president of product management and supply chain of iGo. iGo Green technology is the only technology that is smart enough to know when to shut off charging power to your device when it's not needed anymore. This automatically eliminates the "vampire" power that is generated when electronic devices are still being charged when they no longer require to be charging. Their technology will stop drawing electricity when it's no longer needed. Reduce your "vampire" power by 85 percent, decrease the CO going into the atmosphere, and save money without having to do anything. Being environmentally responsible is one of iGo's core values, they use recycled materials and PET in their packaging. iGo is all about having choices, original designs, and unique colors. Get the most out of your MP3 player with three different types of headphones: over ear, on ear, and earbuds. The SUMO Salsa has been engineered to deliver a big sound in a small package. This small device has many iGo strives to deliver products that will change and positively impact the lives of their customers. They focus on real life issues, and find ways to give us solutions through their innovative, original gadgets. We have all suffered from a dead phone. Sometimes, charging it over night is not an option. And not only phones, but also other electronics have also stopped functioning when we need them the most. There is no need to worry if you don't have the charger of you specific device available. With the iGo Charge Anywhere, you have nothing to worry about. This is a product that everyone should carry around. It charges up to two devices while being plugged and unplugged, so even if your phone needs a charge at the beach, iGo Charge Anywhere won't disappoint. As well, it has USB ports that are compatible with the latest technology. Keep it in your pocket, and take it around the globe on all your travels, it won't even need a voltage converter. So what are you waiting, start charging everywhere and anywhere, and get the most out of your mobile phone, Bluetooth headsets, smartphones/PDAs, MP3 players, portable gaming devices, digital cameras, GPS devices and more. iGo's products are available at , as well as through leading resellers and retailers throughout the world. For additional information call, or visit , and .

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