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CLOSER LOOK SPECTORSOFT >FOCUSING ON SECURITY SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN resource as far as verifying software use. "Just because you have The Internet has become a regular part of everyday life. What started out as something to be used for entertainment has since morphed into a product that is necessary (and required) for both school and work. But how can schools, libraries, and other businesses be sure that the people who are using their Internet services are doing what they are supposed to be doing? For just as the Internet can be used for research and study, it can also be used to run scams, steal identities, or view content that is inappropriate. One way schools and other public Internet providers can ensure that their computers are being used correctly is through SpectorSoft . According to the website, SpectorSoft "develops, markets, and supports PC/Internet monitoring and surveillance products for business, education, government and general home users." But while keeping kids from sexting or employees from billing customers while playing Farmville is important, it's only the tip of the iceberg. SpectorSoft's Sharon Woolley told something running in the background doesn't mean you're using it all the time. Because we monitor keystrokes and actual usage, we are able to let companies know pretty much exactly how much time is being spent using specific software, and they are able to tailor their licensing needs around this usage." Woolley added that even during the early days of the recession, when companies were cutting "extras" right and left, SpectorSoft's client base continued to grow. "Obviously, companies were tightening their belts and they realized the money that we could save them." In their early days SpectorSoft was a company that dealt mostly with PCs and PC users, but over time, as technology (and companies and educational institutions) evolved they've found themselves adding more and more Mac options. that along with monitoring, the company's products have also proved themselves to be an invaluable Some of the award-winning products featured by SpectorSoft include Spector Pro 2011, which can literally view everything your employees are doing while at work. With keystroke monitoring, screen snapshots, and the ability to view every email, online chat or program used, Spector Pro guarantees that your workers will not be using their work computers for social or other activities, and that you're not paying for tool usage where none exists. SpectorSoft's software makes it so easy for you to see what you want to that it hardly takes any time at all. And you can pull up the information you need from anywhere, so you don't have to worry about other employees being able see what you're looking at. While the thought of "spying" may seem unsavory to some, think of the fact that millions of dollars are lost by companies every year due to "theft of time," that unique infraction by which employees conduct personal business on company time – all the while billing the company for their "work." Think too of the money being spent on software tools and licenses that are unnecessary – money that could be used to expand your business or shore up your bottom line. Inexpensive, easy to use, and the best insurance policy a business or classroom can buy, SpectorSoft monitoring software is available online at the company website or through local retailers. Don't know what your needs are? No fear, SpectorSoft offers 24/7 help, with live salespeople willing to work directly with you and your company, offering a wide variety of options to meet all of your monitoring (and budgetary) needs. 88 MacDirectory M a c D i r e c t o r y

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