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CLOSER LOOK PRESONUS >DELIVERING SOUND QUALITY WITH A QUALITY SOUND WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN PreSonus was founded in 1995. Yet for a company that's been in business for just over 15 years, they've already made a name for themselves, with over 50 products (not counting accessories) and still more to come. PreSonus is a true small business, actually founded by Jim Odom in his garage. During these early years, Odom worked hard to build his brand, hiring a "dream team" that could both sell existing products as well as invent new ones. It wasn't long before the company started getting a buzz – and customers. PreSonus's premier product at this time is their award-winning 8-channel, MIDI- controlled analog compressor. Called the DCP-8, this system was so successful that the company quickly found themselves expanding further. These days PreSonus has multiple locations, though their headquarters are still in Baton Rouge, La. Their product line, meanwhile, continues to draw accolades. In fact, their Studio Live 24.4.2 digital mixer was presented, in April, with the prestigious MIPA award in the category of "Mixing Desk (Project Studio)." Steve O, PreSonus's public relations manager, is understandably proud of his company's success, which he attributed to staying true to musicians and keeping an ear open to their needs. "We're not trying to gouge anybody…" he told , "We have a broad line (of products) and we offer high quality equipment at a good price. We support Leopard and Snow Leopard for Mac and try to keep up with the latest operating systems; and we still offer things like digital mixers for around $1,500 that will give you equal the functionality and options as products that cost five to 10 times more." Some of the high-end functionality and features of PreSonus products include a drag and drop technology that allows users to easily control the mixer and also move mixer settings to and from a Mac or PC using Virtual StudioLive software. The recordings themselves are done with a separate application for Mac and Windows, which PreSonus provides. Individuals even have the capability to lock features on the mixer so that nobody can make changes to those features unless they have the password. Customers for PreSonus products include everyone from producer Teddy Riley (Michael Jackson), David Ragsdale (violinist for Kansas), keyboardist Freddie Ravel (Santana), guitarist Steve Morse (Deep Purple), and drummer Jonathan Moffett (Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, etc.) to local churches and musicians who are just starting out in the field. In fact, the company even has a kit for newcomers to the music business called AudioBox Studio, which includes everything from microphones, to amplifiers, to an easy to read and understand user's manual. And, just like all of PreSonus products, it delivers way more bang for the buck than, other, similar "starter kits." One of the things Steve O was most excited about was PreSonus's new iPad application, StudioLive Remote. This application is truly special, as it allows users to control all the levels, effects processing, and routing for their mixers. The way it works is that the app sets up a wireless network between the iPad and computer. Using this network the iPad controls the computer and the computer controls the mixer. That means users can work the mixer from anywhere that your wifi network will reach. Best of all StudioLive Remote is free from the Apple app store and is also currently available in demo mode. Meanwhile, if you need assistance with a product, just give PreSonus a call. Noted Steve O, "We use the gear we make and we love to beta test. We have forums, and we are constantly talking to other musicians about what they want." So whether you are just starting out, or you're a working musician looking for a seriously great music experience, PreSonus is the first (and only) place to go. 86 MacDirectory M a c D i r e c t o r y

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