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CLOSER LOOK CAPDASE >PROTECTING ALL YOUR COMPUTER DEVICES WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN When most people see the CAPDASE logo on a product, their only thought is that they are viewing a high-quality, exquisitely made accessory for the iPhone or other electronic device. What these individuals don't know is that there are three very important letters in the middle of the CAPDASE logo; and those letters are PDA. When CAPDASE first started, its main focus was PDAs. The company was so intent on these devices that they decided to add the PDA acronym to the middle of the word "Case" and so CAPDASE was born. Of course these days PDAs are just one of a multitude of hand held devices people use. iPhones, iPods, and GPSs are just a few of the things that we have come to rely on as we go about our day to day lives. While accessorizing all of these new devices has presented quite a challenge, it has been a challenge that CAPDASE is more than up for. As technologies have evolved, so has CAPDASE's product line. And, speaking of product lines, did you know that CAPDASE's includes such items as the Crystal Case for Apple MacBook Pro, the Mpower Universal Battery Pack, and the two newest additions, the Stereo Microphone CX-1 and Shotgun Microphone M-25. When talked to CAPDASE's Veronica Wong in 2010, she was very clear that while many of CAPDASE's products are in response to new and emerging technologies, the company also has a proud history of open communication with their customer base. Everyone knows the most well-made product in the world is useless if it doesn't provide some level of value to the customer. CAPDASE knows this as well, if not better than most, and has always sought out input and feedback from their customer base. Whether it is just someone stopping by at a show, or comments on a blog, CAPDASE values any and all of it. And it isn't just their customers that CAPDASE solicits for information, it is their resellers and distribution networks as well. It is their open communication, coupled with CAPDASE's drive to be the first with the best computer accessories that has made the company so successful. Take for instance, the two new products mentioned above; the Microphone CX- 1 and the Shotgun Microphone M-25. Made of Magnalium, the bases of these products are sturdy and strong, but still lightweight and easy to carry. The dedicated sensory modules, meanwhile, provide a realistic, live sound feed, and the high sensitivity and low noise level ensure that users are able to record and hear what they want to record and hear; nothing else. Driven by only a single AA battery the microphones can last as long as 144 hours on one charge. They are also compatible with the generic Hot Shoe mount, which makes them fully adjustable. Of course, if you want to use them just for singing and conducting interviews, that's fine too. Not in the market for a microphone? Don't worry, CAPDASE offers much more, including attractive device cases, among them its best-selling Soft Jacket 2 Xpose. For those not familiar with it, the Xpose is tinted, ultra slim, and custom fit, with an open face design for easy operation. Then there is the Car Rearview Mirror holder, which allows users to easily prop up their phone and GPS right up next to their rearview mirror. Another hot seller is the Privacy Guard, which protects your BlackBerry from prying eyes. So if you're in the market for attractive device accessories, or just want to see what's new and fresh on the market, pull up CAPDASE's website and see what they have to offer. You won't be disappointed. Visit . 84 MacDirectory M a c D i r e c t o r y

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