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CLOSER LOOK BOOKENDZ DOCKING STATIONS WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES Since 1968, Olympic Controls Corporation has been providing quality products and services that meet and exceed the expectations of their customers. In 2005, Olympic Controls bought and introduced a product that brought joy to all computer and laptop users: the BookEndz Docking Stations. Organization is one of the key elements in any person's life, and BookEndz Docking Stations offer the perfect solution to keep all your computer cables and connections organized. Calling out all computer users, who ever said you could not eat your cake and have it too? With the BookEndz Docking Stations it will be easy to disconnect and connect cables and take your computer with you without getting everything tangled. BookEndz Docking Stations are providing Apple laptop customers worldwide with a solution to clutter and cable management. Today, some of the largest global companies and most prestigious universities and colleges in the country are using this product to keep their cables organized. "Schools love the fact that their students do not have to plug and unplug all of their devices which save on the wear and tear of their laptops," said the BookEndz Team. The docking stations are also used by NASA and are classified as a "Critical Space Item." BookEndz Docking Stations also come in handy for frequent travelers, as it enhances the portability and ease of use of connecting and disconnecting peripheral devices such as keyboards, hard drives, iPods, iPhones, etc. That way they can have everything connected to the dock and take the laptop with them anywhere they go. "Our mission is the pursuit of continuous improvements, allowing us to respond to the changing requirements of our customers, thereby enabling us to prosper as a business and to provide a rewarding work experience for our co-workers and families," the BookEndz Team says. BookEndz docks offer customers a variety of designs and options. Choose from MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook and iBook models. Plus, BookEndz docking stations also support the latest MacBook Pro line that comes with Thunderbolt Technology. There is a designed BookEndz Docking Station for each Mac laptop. It all depends on the size, the year, and whether the laptop has an SD slot or not. Computer and docking station will become one, and you want to make sure all the parts match. Slide your MacBook into the nine ports and watch it fit perfectly into the docking station. But how does all of this work? The BookEndz docks allow you to plug all your laptop peripherals into one place by having all your specific devices connected to the dock and not your laptop. This way you will have a clutter-free desk and can move your computer in one motion, without disconnecting anything. Each BookEndz Docking Station also provides up to six USB ports to for additional devices. As well, the dock has its own power supply which adds power to the extra USB ports. However, this is not necessary for the dock to be plugged for it to function. This is only one of the perks of the BookEndz Docking Station, the sliding connector is another. It allows you to switch from speakers to headphones without connecting and disconnecting anything. Find all the solutions to your problems. Cables don't need to be unorganized anymore. Carry your laptop around without cables getting tangled with the help of the BookEndz Docking Stations. All of the aluminum plated versions are engineered, handcrafted and made in the United States. "We strive to form partnerships that result in long-term relationships in an environment where business is easily done," the BookEndz Team says. Available to the public at all Apple resellers and distributors. Visit . 82 MacDirectory

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