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CLOSER LOOK KINGSTON TECHNOLOGY CO., INC. >WI-DRIVE WORDS BY MATTHEW SCHILDROTH Situation #2 - Hypersensitivity: Perhaps you are one of those people who like to live life on the safe side. Thoughts of the possibility of things such as a zombie apocalypse or Y2K send shivers down your spine. If in the event of worldwide calamity your data is the biggest concern of yours, you may have more issues than initially thought, but Life can be pretty unpredictable. That, or it can be too predictable. Either way life is sometimes stressful, and particularly in the world of storage technology, life can take an unexpected turn and derail the best intentions. Here are three scenarios that are different but all point to one issue, one that is solved with Kingston Technology's new Wi-Drive. Situation #1 - Lack of storage space: You've run out of room. The frustrating plague that affects so many has hit you. Whether it is because you opted for a smaller device to save some cash versus having a little extra Flash memory, or you are a media hog and maxed out your high-end iPhone's memory with videos of cats and pictures of you, running out of memory puts a serious damper on your abilities to really enjoy your iPhone and your cats. Wi-Drive is the storage expansion that will get you more enjoyment. nevertheless, you always want to make sure your files are safe in case the iPhone that you've certainly somehow attached to your person somehow disappears. 32GB of additional Wi-Drive storage is enough to take your breath away. Situation #3 - Multi-tasking (multi-devicing): You have too much going on at a given time. Like many people, you can't use just one device for everything, and sometimes you may need more than one device running at a time. What happens when you need access to the same files from three different devices? Rather than consume your storage space on all three, you can simply store it once on the Wi-Drive, and get back to your busy life instead of wasting time syncing each of your individual devices. "Best of all, faster read speeds mean it's even possible to share with up to three different iDevices simultaneously via a WiFi connection without putting stress on the drive." All three of these situations share a single problem: Your iDevice's storage just doesn't cut it. Zombie and crazy cat lady jokes aside, some of these types of things happen in one form or another on a regular basis. Fortunately, whether you are running out of room, phobophobic, or you try to do way too much at once, Kingston Technology has a solution for you: the popular, new Wi-Drive. The Wi-Drive is a Flash-based external storage device for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that allows you to wirelessly store and share and sync media between your devices and your computer. Imagine a battery, Flash drive and wireless hub all duct taped together with several USB cords. Now take that imagery and apply it to a single sleek device that makes your life much easier without even leaving your pocket. MacDirectory 79

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