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FEA TURE While it is hard to tell exactly what Apple's timeline looks like in the future, given their history, it is pretty easy to guess that the vision that Steve Jobs has had for the past decade or more of making everything available to everyone in one place and making sharing everything from a picture you snap to a thought you have simply and easily is becoming a reality. Timeline compiled by Matthew Schildroth 2008: Apple changes focus to mobility Avon CEO Andrea Jung joins Apple's board of directors. Apple introduces thinnest notebook ever: the MacBook Air and Time Capsule, the first Airport Base Station with internal NAS. Apple announces iPhone 3G with worldwide availability set for July 11, also introduces MobileMe. Apple introduces aluminum unibody MacBook line. Apple announces new iPod shuffle with VoiceOver. Apple demos iPhone OS 3.0. Apple releases new 21.5" and 27" iMacs, multi-touch Magic Mouse, and LED- backlit MacBooks. 2010: The year of iPad Apple announces 2 billionth download from App Store. Apple announces sale of 1 millionth iPad in just one month. Apple launches iPad with April 3 availability. Apple introduces fastest Mac ever: the 12- core Mac Pro. Apple introduces new iPod touch with FaceTime, iPod nano with multi- touch interface, iPod shuffle, and iTunes 10 with Ping. Apple launches the iPad 2 featuring FaceTime, faster A5 processing architecture, and iOS 4.3. Apple introduces iCloud, a syste.m designed to store your content and push it digitally to all of your devices; Apple also announced July availability of Mac OS X Lion, and Fall launch of both iCloud and iOS 5. A whole new type of social networking deeply integrated into their software (which we are already tasting with Twitter integration in iOS 5). Flame- retardant build materials. Apple introduces new iPod nano with accelerometer and Cover Flow, new iPod touch, and iTunes 8. iTunes Store becomes top music retailer in the U.S. Apple releases octo- core Mac Pro featuring 2 45nm quad-core Intel Xeon processors. March 3: Apple launches new Nehalem Xeon processor-based Mac Pro, iMac gets a 24" screen, and both Mac mini and iMac get MiniDisplay Port. Apple unveils iPhone 3GS, new MacBook Pro, and Mac OS X v10.6 "Snow Leopard' as an under-the-hood update to Leopard for just $30. Apple previews iPhone 4, rebrands "iPhone OS" as the more simple and versatile "iOS". iPad Wi-Fi + 3G models become available from AT&T. Apple previews iPhone OS 4. 2009: Apple speeds up the iPhone & Mac lines Apple introduces new dual- and quad-core MacBook Pro with ThunderBolt technology. Apple sells first CDMA iPhone on Verizon Wireless. Apple launches Mac App Store. A platform-independent word processing application. 2011: The year of much more to come! Apple releases new MacBook Air models in both 13" and 11" sizes, previews Mac OS X v10.7 "Lion". Camera stabilization dependent on facial recognition. 110 MacDirectory Jan. 8 2008 April 3 2008 Sept. 9 2008 June 9 2008 Jan. 7 2008 Jan. 15 2008 March 3 2009 June 8 2009 Sept. 28 2009 April 8 2010 April 30 2010 June 7 2010 May 3 2010 Oct. 20 2010 Jan. 6 2011 Feb. 3 2011 Feb. 24 2011 Mar. 2 2011 June 6 2011 COMING SOON COMING SOON COMING SOON COMING SOON Sept. 1 2010 July 27 2010 Jan. 27 2010 Oct. 20 2009 March 17 2009 Oct. 14 2008 March 11 2009

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