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FEA TURE more importantly, interchangeable. Everything Apple's patent applications have included has all pointed to one central theme: making everything available at your fingertips at any given moment from any device. While we can't assign any dates, a few of these patent applications give us the gall to actually leave the date space blank for you to fill in when it becomes true. 2004: Apple reduces size, increases profit Apple introduces iPod mini, iLife '04, Xserve G5, Xgrid, and announces that 2 million iPods have been sold. Apple releases 30" Cinema HD flat panel display. Apple releases iPod Photo with color display. Apple teams up with Motorola and Cingular to release first phone with iTunes support, the Moto ROKR; iTunes 5 launched and smaller, color-screen iPod nano also released to replace iPod mini line. iTunes Music Store launches in Canada. Apple launches iMac G5. Apple releases Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger". Tim Cook becomes Apple's chief operating officer. 2006: The year the Mac went Intel Apple introduces new iMac and PowerBook- replacing MacBook Pro with Intel Core Duo processors; iLife '06 and iWork '06 released. Apple replaces dated iBook with the MacBook, their consumer- targeted Intel Core Duo notebook. MacBook line receives upgrade to Core 2 Duo processors. Apple introduces first iPhone with Cingular exclusivity and Apple TV. Apple introduces Safari for Windows. Apple announces sale of 2 million copies of Mac OS X v10.5 "Leopard". iPod mini becomes available worldwide. iTunes Music Store becomes available in the UK, France, and Germany. Apple introduces new PowerBook G4 line featuring 12-inch model. Apple launches 5th generation iPod "Video," the first video- capable iPod with up to 60GB of storage alongside iTunes 6. Apple introduces Boot Camp beta, brings Windows compatibility to the Mac officially. Apple updates MacBook Pro line to Core 2 Duo processors. Apple announces transition to Intel processors. iTunes Music Store downloads surpass 250 million. Apple releases iPod Hi-Fi and Mac mini with Core Duo processor. Apple introduces iTunes 7 alongside anodized aluminum iPod nano, iPod shuffle, and updated iPod video. Apple releases video-capable iPod nano, iPod classic, revolutionary iPod touch, and the Wi-Fi iTunes Music Store. Apple sells first iPhone. 2007: The year of iPhone 2005: iTunes becomes a household name Google CEO Eric Schmidt joins Apple's board of directors. MacDirectory 109 April 19 2004 June 15 2004 July 24 2004 Aug. 31 2004 June 28 2004 Jan. 6 2004 Oct. 26 2004 Jan. 24 2005 June 6 2005 Oct. 12 2005 Sept. 7 2005 Oct. 14 2005 Feb. 28 2006 April 5 2006 Jan. 10 2006 Dec. 2 2004 April 28 2005 Aug. 29 2006 Sept. 12 2006 Oct. 24 2006 Nov. 8 2006 Jan. 9 2007 June 29 2007 Sept. 5 2007 Oct. 30 2007 June 11 2004 May 16 2006

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