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FEA TURE Apple is rumored to be completely shifting its focus to the cloud over the course of the next few years. While desktop computing will not be fully replaced for some time, it makes sense for Apple to start moving in that direction. Their first move is to integrate their mobile and desktop experiences as much as possible so as to make integration with the cloud seamless. If you have the same experience on every device, it makes it easy to be interoperable and, 2000: Mac OS X's debut Jobs announces at MacWorld he will no longer be the just the interim CEO, but full CEO, and that Mac OS X would be available by the same time a year later. Microsoft buys Halo creator Bungie out from under Apple. Power Mac G4 Cube announced offering the best power to size ratio of any computer of its time. Apple releases iTunes and first inch-thick notebook: the Titanium PowerBook G4. Apple ships 5 millionth iMac. Apple announces first iPod, which not only revolutionizes digital music, but defines it. 2002: The year of G4 Apple introduces 17-inch iMac G4, iSync, iCal, iTunes 3, 20GB iPod, and Mac; previews Mac OS X v10.2 "Jaguar". Apple ships Dual-processor 1.25 GHz Power Mac G4. Apple releases the Power Mac G5, iChat AV, iSight, and Safari, and previews Mac OS X v10.3 "Panther". Apple introduces new 40GB iPod, speed bumps iMac G4s, and announces sale of 10 millionth song. Apple releases Mac OS X v10.1 "Puma". Apple releases flat- panel (desk lamp) iMac G4, iPhoto, and 14" iBook, and Mac OS X becomes the default OS on all Mac lines. Apple unveils first 17" PowerBook G4, Safari, Final Cut Express, and X11. Apple introduces 20-inch iMac. Apple announces partnership with Lucasfilm to show "Star Wars: Episode II" trailer exclusively through QuickTime. Apple works with Pioneer to release the first-ever SuperDrive in the Power Mac G4. Titanium PowerBooks get faster G4 processors. Apple launches eMac for education, Titanium PowerBook G4 with high- resolution screen and Gigabit Ethernet. Apple launches the iTunes Music Store alongside 3rd generation iPod with 30GB, FireWire, and 25-minute skip protection. Apple teams up with Pepsi to give away 100 million free songs and launches iTunes for Windows. Former Vice President Al Gore joins Apple's board of directors. iBook Special Edition, Pismo PowerBook G3 released; Power Mac G4 updated. 2001: iPod an instant hit 2003: iTunes Music Store takes off Apple releases Mac OS X Public Beta at Expo Paris. Apple introduces 10GB iPod. Apple Online Store sells to 1 millionth customer. 108 MacDirectory Feb. 16 2000 Aug. 10 2000 Aug. 19 2000 June 2000 January 2000 Sept. 15 2000 Feb. 19 2001 April 19 2001 Sept. 25 2001 Oct. 16 2001 Jan. 7 2002 March 20 2002 April 29 2002 July 17 2002 Dec. 6 2002 Jan. 7 2003 March 19 2003 April 28 2003 Sept. 18 2002 Oct. 23 2001 Jan. 9 2001 June 23 2003 Sept. 8 2003 Oct. 16 2003 Nov. 18 2003

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