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FEA TURE We're 50! (50 issues old, that is)! For nearly 15 years, MacDirectory has brought you the best in Apple-related news, reviews, features, interviews and lifestyle pieces. Now for our 50th issue in print, we revisit Apple's growth from a computer company to an entertainment giant, along with a selection of the magazine's best covers. MacDirectory was introduced in 1997 in New York City, as a print publication that we continue to publish today. MacDirectory magazine started out as a "yellow pages" directory publication and involved to be a glossy full-color magazine. Today we feature the latest product reviews, company profiles, buyers guides, exclusive interviews, 1997: Steve Jobs Returns Mac OS 7.6 is released exactly 13 years after the first Macintosh. Mac OS 8 is finally released and sells 1.25 million copies in less than two weeks, becoming best-selling software in that period. Jobs becomes interim CEO of Apple. Apple announces the first-ever iMac all-in-one and new PowerBook G3 models. Jobs announces a projected $47 million profit for the Q1 at Macworld Expo, bringing Apple back into a profitable state. Macintosh resources and innovative photography. A year ago, we introduced our digital versions of MacDirectory for iPad and iPhone users ( Here is a brief, though certainly not complete, timeline of Apple's evolution since we began publication in 1997. 1999: The beginning of the iBook Blue & White Power Mac G3 released. "Yikes" Power Mac G4 released. iMac is finally available for sale to an extremely excited market. Mac OS 8.6 released alongside iMac G3 Rev. D (333). Apple takes advantage over MS- DOS systems by being "Y2K-proof." President and CEO Gil Amelio and VP Ellen Hancock are forced to resign. Jobs becomes de facto head and announces Microsoft alliance that introduced Office and Internet Explorer to the Mac. Steve Jobs, back due to the NeXT acquisition, announces the future of Rhapsody, Mac OS 8, Allegro, and Sonata, the Mac, NeXT, and Apple in general at Macworld Expo. After more than five years of production, Apple discontinues the Newton/eMate lines. 1998: The year of iMac At worldwide "Apple Event," Apple releases the PowerMac G3. The Apple Retail Store is also introduced, and a deal is made with CompUSA for an "Apple store within the store," which precedes similar setups in stores such as Best Buy and Target. Apple announces its first profitable year since 1995. It is found that 43 percent of all iMac buyers are first- time Mac users, a huge addition into a quickly expanding user base. iBook announced with September release. iMovie video editing software released. iMac becomes the second-best selling computer for the month of August, even though it was only on sale for two weeks. Power Mac G3 hits 450 MHz. MacDirectory 107 Jan. 26 1997 July 1997 July 22 1997 Jan. 24 1997 Aug. 6 1997 Sept. 16 1997 Nov. 10 1997 Jan. 7 1998 Feb. 27 1998 May 1998 Aug. 15 1998 Sept.1 1998 Oct. 14 1998 Jan. 4 1999 April 14 1999 June 1999 July 21 1999 Aug. 31 1999 October 1999 Final Quarter

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