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REVIEW JUST MOBILE ENCORE > KEEPS YOUR IPAD COMING BACK FOR MORE WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN Just Mobile products have been featured in magazine for some time. With a product stable that includes the awarding winning Xtand, the attractive, utilitarian Lounge, and the multi-colored ground breaking chunky stylus the AluPen, MacDirectory knows that Just Mobile is a company worth watching. Its products are varied, uniformly well made, attractive, versatile, and always cutting edge. So it is no surprise that the most recent addition to the Just Mobile product line fits all of these descriptions and then some. Just Mobile's newest product is the Encore. The Encore is a specially designed flexible aluminum stand that allows you to set your iPad at the perfect viewing angle. With a solid base and flexible arm, the Encore is lightweight, eye-pleasing, easy to use and manage, and portable. What the Xtand does for the iPhone, the Encore does for the iPad, allowing users to manipulate their device any way they want. Users can turn it slightly downward for typing, tip it back to maximize the viewing of their favorite videos, or turn it front and center for art and graphics. Yet even though it can be tipped at any angle, once the Encore is set, it holds steady, so users don't need to be afraid of typing with a heavy hand, or bearing down a bit on their AluPen as they draw or write. Encore is also not intimidated by cases, gripping an enclosed iPad just as easily and firmly as one that is unadorned. Of course even though the Encore's grip is firm, it, like all of Just Mobile's products; will not scratch or damage your iPad in any way. The Encore also folds flat for travel and is extremely lightweight, making it an easy accessory to carry to the library or your local coffee shop. Of course, when you take the Encore out in public, you can expect to get noticed, as it's attractive, edgy design naturally calls attention to it. When people ask (and they will) you can tell them that at only around $60, the Encore is as easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes. And, as with all Just Mobile products, the design is extremely customer friendly. Users will be able to figure out how to set up and manipulate the Encore to its best effect with little to no instruction. As someone who is not tool-savvy, and who has been frustrated more than once by a complicated design, the ease of use of the Encore was a welcome benefit. The overwhelming success of the iPad, coupled personal computers becoming more and more affordable, means that competition is and has been continually growing in the computer accessory market. Given this, it is impressive that Just Mobile has been able to stay at the forefront of the field, offering accessories that are as simple and functional as they are pleasing to the eye. While some bloggers have complained that the price of the Encore is a little steep by comparison, the superior craftsmanship, elegance, ease of use and iPad protecting functionality make it more worth the investment of a few extra dollars. Meanwhile, if you're not in the market for a computer stand right now, don't forget that Just Mobile's other products are still available (and still unchallenged in their class). The Just Mobile Xtand, Lounge, AluPen, Gum Plus, Drawers and Cooling Bars bring the same attractive look, ease of use, and functionality as the Encore, and are just as lightweight and portable. So if you're looking for a great way to show off your iPad or you just need another attractive computer accessory, pick up the Encore. And if you already have an Encore, check out the Lounge, the Xtand, or any one of the other accessories that Just Mobile has to offer. MacDirectory 101 M a c D i r e c t o r y

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