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streaming services -- Pluto, Tubi, FreeVee and others. The services have a large – at times overwhelming – slate of viewing options, including local channels and news. It’s true, the volume of channel surfing can feel like your old TV practices but they’re working on improving their prioritization and search/recommendation interfaces to personalize offerings based on what you watched earlier or topics/genre you seem to be interested in. Variety and depth/breadth of movies/shows are important and the great thing about the FAST services is they’re semi-free. The FAST services presently allocate 10-15 minutes per hour to ads with 3-6 ads per break but with more personalization rather than the same ads for everyone. Initially, FAST services were based on regional selection – US, Canada, EMEA, APAC, etc. and genre preferences. However, as the services and advertisers gain an increased understanding of your viewing preferences, the ads will become increasingly personalized, making them more “friendly” and actually interesting to watch. Flicking through two of the FAST services we regularly use reminded us of going through Blockbuster in the old days, looking for something new, unique and really different. It made us think the FAST services are missing a helluva opportunity. There’s a lot of nostalgic content to choose from but what would be really neat would be an indie section. Every year, there are established filmmakers who want the freedom of making their own film without investors critiquing their work. In addition, there are thousands of small teams who get together and produce a project they want people to see because they’ve simply got a burning desire. It would be great if the services established a special “section” in their library for these films/shows that had been peer reviewed/approved for people to watch with the service sharing the ad income with the indie. Think about it. There are hundreds, even thousands, of filmmakers around the globe who make “their” sci-fi, drama, documentary, comedy, kid’s show and could get tangible proof of how well people like, respect, enjoy their work. It isn’t the same as seeing the project on the dazzling theater screen with 100 or so strangers, it’s even more personal because for an hour or so the filmmaker has a direct connection with his/her audience and that’s even more important. It’s rather like what Yadaka said in The Drover’s Wife, “It's not what you wear on your feet Danny, it's how you carry yourself that makes a decent man.” It could be the strongest and most intimate service that the ad-supported service could provide to filmmakers …and consumers.

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