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Good for You Why Worry about Technology Doing Us In … We’ll Do It Ourselves By Andy Marken I like doing things for my family … my friends … myself. Don’t really like “things” doing stuff for me. Don’t get me wrong; I like technology. But will it really help or just be “damn that would be cool?” You know: - Technology that improves quality of life or just makes things easier - Putting Facebook friend news ahead of real local, national, global news - Netflix’s, Tellywood’s Big Data analysis that guides what they pay to develop and serve to educate, inform and entertain us - How it all helps humanity get in better mental/physical shape Maybe we want technology to do too much for us. I enjoy flying for business or holidays. It’s less about the trip (face it, the process of getting on the plane is a pain) and more about doing things when you get where you’re going. Most of the trip – even for folks in the cockpit – is wonderfully boring, except when it’s not. Then I like a real person up front making experience-based decisions. In addition, and we’ll say it flat-out…don’t recline your seat we have so little room anyway so your taking away what little room we already have sucks!

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