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Repeat Maximizing the Connection, Profit By Andy Marken Okay, Top Gun was good, so was Avatar … as were a number of other big screen events. Some even got mentioned at the Oscars, but that doesn’t impress us much! No, we psyched ourselves up and prepped for the return to the theater of John Wick: Chapter 4. We’re not a “must see it on the giant screen with a few dozen strangers” guy but good gawd, it’s John Wick and there has to be some payback to Winston for shooting him. Besides, he gets a new puppy! Rewatched the first three chapters a couple of times just to get our mind back in the groove. We already know it will pack theaters everywhere it is shown, despite the jacked-up ticket prices, tiered seating pricing and ridiculous concession/food pricing. Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment (distributors), Reeves and the production crew have done a killer job of telling you what to expect - how it was done - without really telling you. When the film is released by Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, it will suck new subscribers into the services. Then … into the pirate realm. Knowing everything and nothing is great film marketing. It feeds the flames of peoples’ “need” to see a film or show. The point is Chapter 4 is part of a proven franchise that people (young/old, male/female) just can’t get enough of. It has such a great following that it already has two spin-offs – The Continental and Ballerina. The movie industry (Hollywood) enjoys the good life once

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