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Movie Time Ordinary People, Theater Owners Really Like Horror Movies By Andy Marken We don’t suffer from coulrophobia (fear of clowns) or masklaphobia (masks/costumes) but when we hear that a movie is being shown that highlights them, we tend to avoid them. We started thinking about horror movies a little more after Scream VI sliced its way past Creed 3. Michael Jordan and Jonathan Majors were in a lot better shape than some spook in a robe and a mask--an idea he had stolen from Edvard Munch’s famous painting. Then someone pointed out that of all the horror films released, not one was among the nominees. That’s okay with us because we tend to avoid about two-thirds of them even though they are one of the most profitable genres produced. If a project has a whiff of success, it’s certain to give birth to sequel after sequel until someone finally, mercilessly does it in. We do make exceptions though... Jamie Lee Curtis had been through so much in Halloween. Because she’d been through so much with Michael Myer (and his mask), we really wanted to see her rip him a new one and get on with her life. Academy voters wouldn’t even think about giving her a statue for that hard work but Everything Everywhere All at Once is different … it’s a “real” movie. We enjoyed The Silence of the Lambs, which was accidentally nominated for an Oscar. Dr. Lecter’s mask felt like fitting punishment for him. But with a few exceptions, the largely old white guy Academy tends to look down their noses at horror films because according to one of the folks with a vote, they’re just “popcorn movies.”

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