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What's inside? DEPARTMENT Apple News 8 +iHEALTH Well-bring Apps 36 iKIDS Top Apps 42 iNFOGRAPHIC Movie time 48 Repeat 54 Good For You 60 Google's Smartphone Loyalty Problem 66 Tech Giants Were All About AI This Earnings Season 67 Apple in the Smartphone Market: Win Where it Matters 68 iTunes Store Turns 20: No Longer First Choice 69 ANALYSIS 4 Ways That AI Can Help Students 72 Calls to Regulate AI Are Growing Louder 74 AI-Generated Spam May Soon Be Flooding Your inbox 77 Generative AI - 5 Essential Reads About the New Era of Creativity, Job Anxiety, Misinformation, Bias and Plagiarism 80 Is Generative AI Bad For the Environment? 84 REVIEW Our Enduring Favorites - Little Mac Apps You Can't Live Without 88 LULULOOK Titanium Band for Apple Watch Ultra - Dress Up Your Ultra for Under $40 96 CA Essential Universal Docking Station DS-6000 Nails the Essentials 102 LULULOOK Foldable Laptop Stand 106 Edifier WH950NB Bluetooth Active Noise Canceling Headphone - A Lot of Headphone for the Buck 110 GAMES Apple Launches 20 Fun New Games for Its Award-winning Apple Arcade Service 116 Firmament is Coming to Mac in 2023 128 Is Counter-Strike 2 Coming to Mac in 2023? 130 The Medium is Coming to Mac in 2023 132 FEATURE Two Game-changers Come to Adobe Premiere and After Effects 136 Check Out These Talented Artists 142 Dmitry Marin - Master of the Digital Palette 150 Why is FMC Training the Best Place for Web Design & Development Education? 164 FontLab - The Visual Alchemy of Icons and Pictograms 170 SECURITY Real Threats From Artificial Intelligence 176 Schrödinger's Vulnerability 178 What are passkeys? 182 Online Predators Target Children's Webcams, Study Finds 184

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