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entertainment demands. “It’s a long, hard and expensive road,” he emphasized. But that’s still not the solution for the consumer because what folks really want is a service that searches across all of their services – subscription and ad supported – and offers up the movies/shows they might/should/could be interested in watching. If it sounds a little like the solution of the old cable bundle days … it is. “As we’ve discussed before, what consumers want is a channel of one,” McLennan stated. “An aggregation service that eliminates all the pain and frustration of the entertainment search. “In other words, they want a service on top of the services that manages all of the user’s accounts as well as content discovery and recommendations,” he continued. “The company that comes up with the solution or the services that join forces to offer a singular one-source solution will deliver the entertainment value people really want.” Of course, that service of services will make it difficult for outsider as well as mid-sized and smaller streaming services to compete but there’s always the merger route--survival of the service(s) with the deepest pockets or ready access to funds. Who knows, maybe the bundled service will be better the second time around. Of course, for the content creation folks, Kofuku’s observation in Drive My Car seemed to have the right attitude when he said, “From a social standpoint, that's not good. But it's not necessarily a drawback for an actor.” The consumer is happy, the bundler is happy, streaming services are happy. What could possibly go wrong?

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