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Guide Streaming needs an Intelligent Search engine By Andy Marken Don’t you just hate it? You go into the family room and turn on your big-screen set so you can watch a certain movie or program. Suddenly, you have absolutely NO idea which of your paid and ad-supported services it’s on and end up watching something, anything. We recently read a Deloitte study that found 84 percent of consumers reported they are spending more time with their online entertainment at home. Well, Yeah! We’re not atypical. Have a film/show we really want to watch so we cruised Netflix … not there. Moved on to Disney +…then Amazon Prime…then HBO Max and; just for the heck of it, tried Apple TV+. Bummer: but we really want that film now, so we try our free services … Pluto and Tubi. Note: Your services will probably vary depending on where you live and your entertainment taste/financial budget, but the big hunt isn’t any different, is it? Back in the ‘50s, TV enticed families to enjoy the convenience of staying home and watching a well-ordered schedule of movies/shows, each strategically planned by some arbitrator to build the audience. Really hot (sure thing) projects led into others that needed audience exposure. Lots of folks wondered why go to the movie theater when it will be right on our channel(s) sooner or later. Folks added one channel after another because no one service had everything they wanted. Soon, it became overwhelming. So, the cable guy said don’t worry we’ll give you everything you want – 100s of channels for a modest fee and we’ll throw in a neat program guide

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