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Stories from Ukraine Mac Developers and Life at War Compiled by Ric Getter | Photos by the contributors, exclusive to MacDirectory Four years after the Macintosh was introduced by the acclaimed 1984 commercial and forever changed the world of personal computing, Estonia declared its independence from the foundering Soviet Union. Seven years later in 1991, Ukraine joined the Russian Federation and Belarus in recognizing each other as independent nations. A totalitarian empire that inspired George Orwell’s novel had met its end. In Ukraine, the newly-found personal and economic freedom led to a burgeoning middle class. Not surprisingly, many of the young and well-educated combined their computer science education with a drive to become successful entrepreneurs and many, not surprisingly, turned to the computer that changed the world. Some companies, including CS Odessa moved to the U.S., but many stayed in their homeland, including an unusual number in Odessa, possibly preferring the historic seaport city and beautiful Black Sea beaches to Silicon Valley traffic.

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