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And unfortunately, the new iPhone SE might face the same issues. Apple didn't upgrade the iPhone SE battery this time around. But, the company confirmed that thanks to the A15 Bionic chip, and other internal improvements, the iPhone SE 3 will have better battery life compared to the 2020 model. With that said, don't expect the iPhone SE to last you all day with a single charge. Like with any other device, it'll depend on how much you use it, but it might be able to last up to nine or ten hours like the older iPhone SE. 2. 5G, But No mmWave Apple's adding 5G to all its devices, and the iPhone SE didn't fall far behind this time around. The company decided to add 5G support for this year's model, which will help you keep a faster and stronger connection wherever 5G is available. However, mmWave isn't available on this device. And unfortunately, having 5G turned on all the time might decrease the battery life more than expected, so make sure to use this feature when necessary. With that said, 5G is a welcomed feature that'll make the iPhone SE 3 a great option for people who want to buy a new iPhone and forget about upgrading for the next few years. 1. Its Price Increased At the end of the iPhone SE presentation, the biggest news was that the budget iPhone is starting to become more expensive, albeit it isn't by that much. The 2020 iPhone SE started at $399 for the base model. That is the 64GB iPhone. Now, it's 2022, and the same 64GB iPhone starts at $429, that's a $30 increase. Sure, it's not that much, and the iPhone SE is still the most affordable option, but a $30 price increase might be a lot for some people who are on a budget. Still, this is a budget iPhone, and it's pretty affordable for most of us. Plus, the improvements to the processor, the camera, and the 5G support make this iPhone one of the best smartphones available for that price range, even if you have to compromise in some departments.

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