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New Sets Pandemic May Have Helped Content Production Leap Into Tomorrow By Andy Marken A month ago, a friend sent me a screen grab from Back to the Future with Dr. Brown (Christopher Lloyd) sitting in the time-traveling DeLorean warning Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), “Marty, whatever you do, don’t set the machine to go back to 2020.” Yeah, been there … done that … don’t want to do it again! It has been a sucky time for everyone in the M&E ecosystem – studios, content owners, producers/directors, crew, distributors, channel folks and consumers. But, as bad as the pandemic “was,” the industry overcame a ton of obstacles and made some tremendous advances. You can almost say the creation of visual stories is better because of it. As someone observed, “The pandemic actually helped (forced) the industry to move from the C.B. DeMille era to the George Lucas era.” Since the Gloria Swanson days, the industry has made a continuous set of small step improvements to protect and pamper the actors, create more and more realistic sets/scenes and deliver more realistic and real stories for the audience. And yes, along the way, its improved inclusion, diversity and increasingly more honest, respectful treatment of the people who bring the stories to life. With all of the positive improvements, the biggest advance(s) have been in leveraging and accelerating the use of technology to bring content production out of suspended animation.

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