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Binging Cheap Fun Viewing And Reading By Ric Getter It's starting to happen. Maybe you're spending more time searching for something interesting you haven't watched on those subscription services than actually watching them. Or maybe you've had your fill of mini-series about sentient androids going rogue. Or, it could simply be that those other bills coming in have become a priority. TV and movie services are where most of the money goes these days. Ironically, we cut our cables to avoid paying a fortune each month for 200 channels we'll never watch to get the half dozen we do. We thought online video-on-demand (VOD) streaming services would solve all that. Now, however, you have to subscribe to an entire service for an exclusive series or movie that you want to watch. A cut cable can still manage to strangle a monthly budget. But you have options. If you are in the least bit curious and somewhat open-minded about the media you consume (or Dark piqued your interest in time-travel), there is a wealth of great (or at least greatly-entertaining) video and literature online and available for free.

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