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The Everyday Pants Flex Canvas Pants by LIVSN By Thomas Bender There's something to be said for having fewer choices to make, especially when it comes to clothing. Establishing a closet with a handful of versatile, durable, and good-looking clothing items is not just a goal for travelers. It can be a road to less clutter and more time to spend enjoying the things you like doing. If any of those things you like doing are outside, then LIVSN has designed a pair of pants for all of your adventures. The Flex Canvas Pant, LIVSN's first meticulously designed product, packs in a lengthy list of features and decisions to make sure this one pair of pants addresses all your needs and almost all of your wants as well. What I like best about the Flex Canvas Pant is that it does this while avoiding the 'tactical' look. I'd wear these pants to the office or out to dinner, even though each thigh has a dedicated pocket for my everyday carry knife. These pants start with a mid-weight cotton/polyester blended canvas and then incorporates several features to keep the weight light. Durable but breathable. Key to that philosophy is the surprising use of mesh throughout the pockets and seat. By replacing thicker layers of canvas with a strong mesh fabric, it improves airflow in the most important places and eliminates weight. And while the mesh looks a bit strange when you are getting dressed, you'll never feel it once you are wearing the pants, and none of it is visible (the canvas material continues for an inch or two into the pockets). What is visible is a fairly modern shape, despite the added design for flexibility, which is available in four classic colors— olive, brown, black, and caramel. The Flex Canvas Pant are slim fit, but not 'tight.' They won't bunch at your ankles or be clinging to the contour of your calves. A gusseted crotch adds comfort where you need it without making the pants baggy, while articulated knees improve the range of motion. The added minor stitching at the knees actually looks like a small design element. If you are hopping on a bike, the Flex Canvas Pant has an integrated design for a shortened cuff on both legs. An otherwise unnoticeable strap on the interior of each leg attaches to a small button on the outside of the knee. In another example of leaving no stone unturned, LIVSN has incorporated reflective tape into each of the straps for increased visibility on the road. Personally, I just liked having these available to let a little more air in when I wore these during my weekend at the beach. The rest of the pants are packed with similarly incorporated features throughout. Zipper pockets on the back keep your valuables safe, while a hidden security pocket for your keys or other prized possessions in the front left is nearly invisible—I didn't even know it was there until my third wear. Many of the elements you'll find on the Flex Canvas Pant are in service to LIVSN's design ethos of durability and sustainability. While many products out there come with a warranty, LIVSN takes it to the next level by repairing your pants—or providing a discount on your next pair if a fix isn't possible. However, with the amount of thought put into making these pants last, you shouldn't need to call LIVSN anytime soon. A leather 'washer' behind the waist button adds durability, and the rear cuff of each pant leg is obviously reinforced. Plentiful and wide beltloops even tuck under the bottom of the waistband, adding strength and getting rid of that tiny tuft of fabric you find at the bottom inside of every other belt loop. The list goes on and on. LIVSN obviously lives by the less is more philosophy, so when it comes to packing in the features, I was worried that it might be too much. However, the Flex Canvas Pant impress with their stylish looks while still incorporating a ton of features that you won't find on other pants. If you only have one pair of pants, you can't go wrong with this new kid on the block from LIVSN. For more information, visit:

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