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Markin Abras – Publisher & Founder Markin, a native from Brazil, has a strong interest in arts, design, science and business. Mr. Abras studied at Parsons School of Design in New York and founded Abras Design in the early 80's before launching MacDirectory Magazine. In existence since 1993, MacDirectory has become a leading Macintosh publication worldwide. In 2001, Mr. Abras launched Miami Living Magazine, an entertainment focused publication for South Florida. Mr. Abras is currently involved in design, business operations and development for both magazines. Claudia Paredes (Managing Editor) Claudia has always had a strong passion for writing. She likes to write about technology, music, food, and recently found that she really likes to conduct interviews. Claudia has worked as a contributing writer for Miami Living Magazine & Mac Directory Magazine since 2009, and it wasn't until 2012 that she became managing editor of MacDirectory. Claudia studied Advertising at Boston University, and minored in Russian and Eastern European Studies, which came as no surprise since she spent a year in Russia when she was a teenager. After college, Claudia worked as a copywriter for Gap in San Francisco, Talbots, and Staples, and is currently working as a Production Manager at Pearson Education in Boston. In her spare time, Claudia likes to play the piano, go to Zumba class, and cook. Although Claudia has moved around, she never forgets her Peruvian roots, and will always make her favorite Peruvian dishes for dinner. Ric Getter (Writer, & Contributing Editor) Ric Getter arrived on the media scene in the early 70's when nothing could out-gun a motor drive Nikon SLR and a bandolier of Tri-X film. He moved into video, mastering the "preroll and pray" technique of videotape editing, moving up to CMX's and non-linear editing when that came into fashion. Fast forward to Silicon Valley 1980. He found himself rebelling against the cubicle caverns where he tried to resuscitate old database and Cobol code and burning much of his energy trying to stay out of the 3 piece suite that was trying to replace his Banana Republic photographer's vest. Life in the Valley paid off in early 1984 when a Mac 128 landed on his desk and he's been in love with the system and its descendants ever since. He has since retreated to Portland, Oregon with his Mac-loving wife where he writes, works with computers and still obstinately refuses to completely leave the television business.

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