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Apple Might Allow You to Connect Two iPads Together, and It's a Brilliant Idea By Tyler Lacoma Recent Apple patent news has a particularly neat teaser for all of us iPad users: the ability to link two different iPads together and have them work as one. This could be a great boon to those who frequently use their iPad Pros at work, or who have iPads as part of a larger computer setup. The patent may even allow similar interactions between an iPad and an iPhone! But what would this connection actually do? The patent makes room for several possibilities, which have us convinced that this could be a very good idea. Let's take a look at how it could work. 3. Expanding Your Screen Across Both iPads Is one iPad not big enough? No problem – partner another iPad with it, and keep on working. In this setup, you would arrange two iPads next to each other and use a mode that expands your screen across both of them, just as you might link two different monitors together to get more screen real estate. Traditionally, expanding a screen like this is a great option for designers, programmers, gamers, big research projects, and similar tasks: We'd like to see if iPads could fulfill similar roles. It's also a natural evolution of Apple's Sidecar technology, which wirelessly links an iPad to a MacBook for sketching and similar activities. The patent's language also suggests that any iPads connected in such a manner would be able to exchange any data necessary, and maybe even hardware resources like memory. 2. Using Two iPads Together Like a Book This is similar to using two iPads as one larger display, except now you are holding the iPads vertically like a very large book. Perhaps this could just be an alternative way of using the iPads as a dual-screen.

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