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performance as well as improved resolution/frame rates and gamers will live with 4G bandwidth performance until 5G/Wi-Fi 6 is available over the next two years. By that time, the streaming gaming experience could be "almost" as good as PC gameplay. China currently leads smartphone gaming operators in the Americas; and in EU, they are projecting a major increase. That could benefit everyone – game developers, device producers and wireless service providers. The ESA (Entertainment Software Association) found that 60 percent of gamers play on their smartphones worth more than $52B. And it could be even more profitable for all of the participants. For example, Fortnite already has a huge user base with its "battle royal" mode enjoyed by millions of fans. Created by Epic Games (backed by China's Tencent) it can support 100 players who battle one another for weapons and armor until only one player is left. Being able to play on any thing from a souped-up smartphone to a tricked- out PC will be huge for players, including our Gen Zer. Free-to-play Fortnite makes its money from in-app purchases when players use real-world money to buy character outfits, gear, scoring celebrations and more (lots more). In the heat and adrenalin rush of battle, it's pretty easy to spend $10 - $20 a month for in-game purchase items, which may be why SuperData estimates they raked in $2.4B last year. Epic isn't alone in seeing the cross- device game play/ revenue arena. Electronic Arts' Apex Legends reported 50M players worldwide in its first four weeks (all platforms) and Activision Blizzard is busy with Tencent for a mobile version of Call of Duty. But when it comes to real game play – hard core, heart pounding, sweaty-palmed action/adventure, shoot-em ups, battle royale and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) – she and other gamers have to make tradeoffs. According to O'Donnell, they cut back on watching OTT streaming content, going out (it's a little tough lugging around a hard-core gaming system, even a serious gaming notebook). And obviously, talking with friends and the rest of the family is restricted. While folks still prefer to play on their computer (it has a lot more GPU power, so images/action are real), gaming is a lot like OTT streaming … whatever screen

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