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challenged us, "How can you do something as a child that you can' t do as an adult?" ( Perhaps we should be looking at our pencils, Apple or lead, for something else besides writing words.) Another question: "Who are you?" And quickly, she admonished the audience not to answer in terms of what we do, where we're from, or the roles we play in life, but rather who are we at our core? What is mos t meaningful to us? Not so easy, but extremely important for an artist to know. She explained she discovered much of this while living in Tokyo, a place where "you don't have the time to be anybody but yourself." Billie Eilish was joined onstage by artist, animator, and creator of the anime-styled video of you should see me in a crown, Takashi Murakami. It was obvious from the start that the sweeping gulf of forty years bet ween their ages meant very little to them as creative partners. They lived in the same artistic world. It was also fascinating to see Eilish, free of the dark, stormy, and mysteriously profound performer's persona, just being herself and bouncing of f the creative energy she shared with Murakami. Though her music shows a level of circumspection and insight far beyond her years, it was wonderful to see the bubbling seventeen-year-old girl occasionally peek though. She also carried the message of what she's learned so far in a truly meteoric career: to produce the work that makes you happy and not waste time diluting what is meaningful to you in an effort to please others. Last up was Dave Grohl, founder of the Foo Fighters and drummer for Nirvana. His story was of someone who also loved music, loved to create, and wouldn't compromise on his vision. Even after Curt Cobain's untimely death, he overcame the pain and returned to the thing he loved most. And recently, Grohl became a filmmaker. His fascination with the massive, Neve 8028 analog mixing board that he had recorded on and then recovered from L. A .'s Sound City Studios, led to a short documentary that quickly evolved into a hit HBO miniseries. One after another, each speaker echoed one point: our creativity is our gift to the world. And we owe it, not only audiences but our ourselves to be sure we make it our own.

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