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Games For Days WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive by Western Digital By Thomas Bender When the current generation of consoles was first released, downloadable games were still a nascent idea. Game discs were still the de facto purchase, and indeed, my first three games on the PlayStation 4 were all bought on disc. But here we are, 6 years later, and I'll be damned if I'm buying a disc. With regular sales, pre-order bonuses, day one patches, and even pre-loading options for release day, there aren't many reasons left to deal with a disc. That is, unless, you own a lot of games, and they take up a ton of space. Even after upgrading my internal drive, I'm still stuck deleting slightly older games, managing my media, and waiting to redownload classic games that I want to play again. Enter the WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive. With 8 terabytes of storage, it's designed for gamers who have spent the last few years accumulating a library of digital games. It's also a near- necessity for anyone addicted to saving and sharing clips of their in-game exploits (which can quickly balloon to take up a ton of storage space). This external drive is styled to fit in with any of the latest consoles, with a cool military hard box aesthetic. It is branded with a thematic "WD_BLACK" in white lettering on the otherwise black box, but it fits in just fine with the overall look. And while it has rubber feet to lay horizontal, you will probably want to stand it on its side to minimize its footprint. The WD_BLACK D10 connects to your console via a Micro B connection on the unit and a USB Type-A connection for the console itself. The 8 terabytes are accessible at speeds of up to 250MB per second, thanks to the 7200 RPM speed of the drives. Is it going to be as fast as replacing your internal drive with an SSD? No. But it will be a lot more affordable and at least four times as large for four times the games. Western Digital offers separate models for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, so make sure you nab the right model. Either way, you'll get the necessary power cord (with this much capacity, you need dedicated

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