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A new era of storage is upon us, with Thunderbolt 3 finally providing the tech we need to take advantage of NVMe SSD speeds, both inside our computers and in external stand-alone storage drives. And while there are many options out there, OWC has always created great products to match the Mac lifestyle, which is why their Envoy Pro EX should be a top choice for creative content producers looking for more space. Available with up to 2TB of digital storage, the Envoy Pro EX ensures you never have to discard a draft on the go. With enough space to hold all your proofs and edits, it's perfect for creative professionals who get work done in the oddest of places. With transfer speeds up to 2,500MB per second, the Envoy Pro EX is a drive you can work off of. It's not just for backups and stashing the hundreds of photos you took on your vacation and "will look at later." This is for your active projects, your raw files, your hours of high-def video that you're working with to create the perfect piece. The Thunderbolt 3 connection helps make this possible, and OWC has integrated a short Thunderbolt cable right into the unit, so ever y thing is self- contained. It's designed to sit on the desk or table next to your laptop, but don't fret, as the aluminum enclosure looks nice enough to show of f. It's ventilated, trapezoid design also offers drop protection that won't make you think twice about tossing this in your bag. As with many SSD drives, the Envoy Pro EX is completely bus powered, so there are no moving parts, meaning no awkward whines or hums from your tech while you're making a transfer. If we're being honest, it also means there's less likelihood of a mechanical issue, as well. Most devices today have transitioned to solid state storage, and it's time that our external storage options do too. The Envoy Pro EX from OWC is the perfect way to take advantage of NVMe and Thunderbolt 3 speeds to expand your workstation beyond the capacity of your laptop, without actually expanding the size of your workstation. For creatives on the go, lock one down today. For more information, visit:https://

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