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I'm happy to report that the earbuds themselves have a fairly small, lightweight footprint. Especially compared to some of the other big names in this market, the Liberate Air won't feel like you have a stack of quarters shoved in your ear. That size is all the more impressive, then, for housing 9 hours of battery life! That's in the buds themselves, not even the case. The case holds an additional 32 hours of charge time, but you won't be reaching for it often with 9 hours of battery on board. When necessary, House of Marley has graciously included USB-C charging here; and with the latest in USB-C charging comes about 4 hours of battery life of f of a 10 -minute charge! That's impressive. No more excuses when you realize your earbuds are empty on the way to the gym. The case itself has a distinct look, just like the earbuds. On the outside, a fabric top cover and faux leather strap provide some good looking design elements. Four small light indicators provide battery information at a glance and a tap. Yes, a tap. Tapping the top of the case generates a battery readout indicator. It's pretty cool and actually useful. On the inside of the carrying case, you'll find bamboo wood grain to match the earbuds. It's a really sharp look. If you want a conscience that's as clean as this audio profile, the Liberate Air are a great choice for true wireless earbuds . With a battery life that makes them as sustainable as the materials used to build them, you'll be rocking these wood grain earbuds for years to come. For more information, visit:

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