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take longer than one minute to reach the max temperature, if potency is your preference. It's great to have multiple temperature options, that way you can customize the flavor and the richness, and also make adjustments based on the material inside. The Tectonic9 has a scooping mechanism which will make it easier for your f lower to enter the heating chamber. Simply use the slider on the side of the vaporizer—you'll see a shovel come out. This is a great feature, because you won't have to use your hands—reducing the mess. To make things even better, pair your Atomic9 with the Tectonic9 auto dispensing grinder. The Tectonic9 retails for $60, but when it's paired with the Atomic9, you can get both for $99 —a $20 savings. The Tectonic9 is not an automatic grinder, but instead, an automatic dispenser. This means you do your own twisting and turning, but with the touch of a but ton, these newly ground herbs will be moved to a second chamber. This secondary chamber features a clear window, so you can keep an eye on your precious herbs. When you're ready, open the sliding door and f lip the dispensing nozzle —it lives at the bot tom of the Tectonic9. Then press the but ton to automatically star t dispensing into the Atomic9 for a mess-free experience. Watch the grinded herbs get dispensed uniformly inside your vaporizer, without using your fingers. For more information, visit:

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