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No Mess, No Stress The Combo 9 Bundle Atomic9 + Tectonic9 By Cloudious9 By Claudia Paredes If you've ever ground your own flower material, you know it can get messy, and a slight breeze or unexpected sneeze can have dire consequences. Cloudious9 released two new products this fall that are here to stop the mess. The Atomic9 and Tectonic9 work together so that your experience with dry herbs is mess-free. The Atomic9 is a small handheld vaporizer that has a good weight without it feeling heavy in the palm of your hands. This might y vaporizer has a lot of features for the price point of $60. First, this is a single but ton operation device, so it's ver y easy to use. You really just need one hand to get this bad boy going. The Atomic9 has a lid which open and closes magnetically creating a tight seal in the chamber—this is where the magic happens. The chamber itself is ceramic and reaches temperatures as high as 428 degrees. What's great about the Atomic9 is that it heats up in less than a minute. After placing your dry herbs in the chamber, check the magnetic lid is sealed, choose the desired temperature —which is on the side of the vaporizer— and press the but ton to star t heating the dry herbs. You will see that there is a Cloudious9 logo that is backlit, it turns from red to green when it's ready for you. Keep in mind that the hotter you set the temperature, the less flavor you will get from your herbs. For more flavor tr y the lower temperatures— which, no surprise, heats up even faster. However, it won't

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