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Make The Switch To Instant The Switch by Dr. Dabber By Thomas Bender The Switch by Dr. Dabber is a smoker's dream. With endless customization and the ability to vaporize both oily concentrates and fluffy flowers, the Switch is the only vaporizing accessory you need. More than just being a statement in versatility, the Switch is renowned for being the first induction vaporizer on the market. Like fancy new stoves, the Switch heats its titanium metal caps through electromagnetic induction. This may sound like superfluous marketing jargon, but this patent-pending technology allows the Switch to heat extremely rapidly and precisely. It is truly impressive how fast the Switch heats up, going from powered down to ready for use in about 5 seconds, depending on the temperature settings. It will be a welcome improvement for anyone who's vaped before. Traditional convection heating uses hot coils and often takes closer to a minute to achieve the same kind of heat levels as the Switch. In addition to speed, the induction heating also makes for an amazingly efficient experience. There is very little waste, whether you are using concentrate or flower. Consumables can get expensive, so any way to increase efficiency is welcome. The Switch is a sizable product, measuring 10 inches tall without its glass bubbler attached. Its sturdy build is grounded and won't make you nervous when passing it around to your participating friends. That being said, a mammoth battery is packed in the thick frame, providing up to 150 uses before needing a recharge. That's some incredible longevity for a vaporizer! The included power adapter charges the Switch to full in just 60 minutes, and if you still find yourself in a bind, it's pass- through charging allows for immediate use of the dabber when plugged in. While it's technically portable, it seems to be right at home as a desktop or coffee table-top vaporizer that is easily passed around the room. All that juice powers a ton of features on the Switch, as well as an impressive light display. At the base of the unit is the switch, which toggles between oil and flower mode. Above that switch, the main operational buttons and LED indicators reside, with temperature selection and a branded Go button. To navigate the five base temperature settings are five corresponding LEDs that light up based on your selection, and also provide battery information. For a more advanced experience, the Switch has a Pro mode which provides 25 different

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