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Whether you like to have your coffee in the morning, afternoon, or at night, one thing all coffee drinkers can agree on is that freshness matters—especially when it comes to coffee beans. If you are grinding your own beans you are already ahead of the game, but sadly, those freshly ground beans won't stay fresh for that long. The Dedica Digital Grinder by DeLonghi allows you to grind up to half a pound of coffee, or grind just one cup, so every serving is as fresh as can be. Get that fresh aroma every time! The Dedica is a sturdy machine with a stainless-steel finish—it will match any kitchen décor. Let's face it, it's not little, in fact it's got a large footprint, so you won't want to be moving this one around. Once you put it down, it will most likely stay there. So, plan ahead, and place wisely! The Dedica has 18 different settings you can chose from, but don't be intimidated by that, you'll get the hang of it in no time. The first six settings are for espresso making, meaning your beans will be grounded very fine. The following six settings are for drip/pour coffee, which means the beans will be grounded a little thicker. And finally, the last six setting are for French press, which means the beans will be grounded the thickest on these settings. Once you have chosen how much you'll be grinding, and for what purpose, you can pick the intensity of your coffee—light, normal, strong—right on the digital display. You can also choose the number of cups on the display. You can grind up to 14 cups if you are having company, but you also grind a single espresso cup for yourself. If you decide to grind more than one, and don't end up using it, use the airtight container to store your freshly ground beans for a later use. To start grinding for your next espresso cup, you will need to find the concealed compartment below the digital reader. Open it. Here you will find the portafilter and the necessary parts to make that single (or double) espresso cup. The beauty of this machine is that it allows you to program the volume of coffee you want grinded every time, as long as the portafilter is in place, your morning espresso will be ready for you every morning. After you have grounded what you need for your espresso cup simply tamp it down or store the grounded coffee in the sealed container for next time you want some coffee. The Dedica makes the perfect complement to the All- In- One Cappuccino, Espresso, and Coffee Maker by DeLonghi. It allows you to customize the volume, the grinds, and the intensity. For more information, visit:

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