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All seasons are coffee seasons, but in the winter, it takes a little dedication and time to stroll down to the local coffee shop and get that perfectly brewed cup of coffee. And of course, you can't put a price on that, because it's how you start your day—it often sets the mood for the rest of your day. On that frigid walk, all you think about it that little cup that will warm and wake you up. What if you could just stroll to your kitchen instead? That's where the All-in-One Cappuccino, Espresso, and Coffee Maker by DeLonghi comes in. This robust machine will make all your coffee dreams come true. Because it's packed with many features, the All-in-One has a large footprint, and it might squeeze out one of your other appliances from the kitchen counter— sorry pancake maker or rice cooker, you guys will have to live inside one of the cabinets. While the All-in-One might look intimidating, DeLonghi has done a really good job designing it, making it very user friendly. On the left side you have your milk frother, next to the espresso maker. This is where cappuccinos and lattes get made. Simply combine the rich and creamy froth and the espresso in a cup, and voila! Additionally, the All-in-One is capable of brewing two espresso cups at the same time. On the other side lives the traditional drip coffee maker with quick and easy frontal access. Open the door to pour the water and ground coffee and hit the on button to start brewing. You can make up to 10-cups of coffee if needed, and you can also schedule them, so every morning your cup of coffee is ready for you—even better than at the coffee shop. If you take a little longer to get out of bed the next morning, no problem, the carafe sits on a warming plate, so it will keep your coffee warm until you are ready for it. DeLonghi has thought of everything and has even included a cup warmer on the surface. I know what you are thinking, why would I need this? In the winter it's likely porcelain cups will feel colder than in the summer, therefore will cool your coffee faster. To keep your coffee as hot as it needs to be, simply place your cups upside- down on the cup warmer and grab them when your coffee is ready. The All-in-One is the perfect gift for the coffee lover at home. These holidays spend more time at home and less time at the coffee shop. Pair it with the Dedica Grinder for the ultimate bundle. For more information, visit:

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