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LucidSound continues to make a name for themselves in gaming audio. In short time, they've established themselves as a top choice for gamers looking to upgrade their audio experience. Just in time for the holiday season, LucidSound has released the special edition Rose Gold LS35X Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset, available exclusively at Best Buy. The LS35X was already a well-regarded headset in the industry, but the all black design was holding them back. The Rose Gold design makes these beauties shine, and finally provides a look that matches all the sleek features. Bet ween the plush white padding and rose gold accents, these headphones look like a million bucks, but at only $179.99 are significantly cheaper than a million bucks. At this price point, it's hard to f ind a pair of gaming headphones that holds a candle to the LS35X . These cans are specifically designed for Xbox gamers, and they are very well integrated, making the technology as invisible as possible and let ting you focus on the important things. With one but ton, they power on and automatically sync with your Xbox One, just like a wireless controller does. The tight integration also provides on-screen status prompts for battery level and connectivity. This seamless pairing occurs without any additional wires, base stations, or software updates to hassle with—it's the standard for how every wireless headset should work. The LS35X is a fairly bulky headset, thanks to all their padding. They are designed for long gaming sessions, with comfort and audio quality first and foremost. So, while they come with a 3.5mm audio cable for use with mobile phones or many other devices, these are really at home in the living room. Embracing that focus means that this headset doesn't have to cater to a host of options and compromises, it can really nail the features that gamers want. Huge padded ear cups provide a ton of comfort, noise isolation, and room for your ears to breath. These are great even for gamers with glasses. A matching white headband with quilted memory foam on the inside and some LucidSound branding on the outside provide the necessary comfort for carrying the weight of all the technology crammed into the LS35X . For instance, the LS35X use 50mm neodymium drivers to pump out a ton of sound. They also have great-feeling, simple controls. Each ear has one giant but ton and one rotating ring around that button— clicking on the button mutes either the microphone or the headset, and rotating the knob adjusts the overall volume or the chat volume. It's perfectly simple, easy to remember, and it works. The LS35X LucidSound headset supports Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos, further enhancing the positional audio. So even though there are only two speakers, it will feel like you are in the middle of surround sound—perfect for get ting the jump on your enemies. So, the audio output is great, but the audio input also has some bells and whistles. The included boom mic is adjustable and detachable (in case you aren't the chatty type, or want to use the headphones for music or other activities). Meanwhile, a second, built-in microphone can be used for mobile applications, and also provides live mic monitoring, let ting you hear the volume of your voice in chat, so you don't end up yelling at the top of your lungs in game (at least, not by accident). The LS35X is an easy choice for any Xbox gamer, at an easy to swallow price point. There are a few high- end features that don't come in the box, mainly the 15 - hour battery life, micro USB charging, and lack of Bluetooth, but these are all ancillary features that are sacrificed in the name of a perfect gaming experience. If you've been using your old cell phone headphones for in- game chat on your Xbox One, you have no excuse not to pick up a pair of the special edition LS35X Rose Gold Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset at BestBuy. It looks super clean and super slick on girls and guys alike. If you're just looking for an inexpensive way to participate in the game chat or have a loved one that doesn't need a $180 pair of gaming headphones, LucidSound still has you covered. The LS1X is a light weight chat headset designed for use in combination with your regular T V speakers. The LS1X is only a single - ear headset, with an open-back design for natural audio passthrough, so you'll get gaming audio out of your T V 's speakers, and chat audio out of the headset. Also on-board is a similar control scheme as the LS35X , with a big mic mute button surrounded by a volume dial. What I love about the LS1X is that it has a mute indicator on the tip of the boom mic—no more wondering if you are muted or not, asking your friends if they can hear you, or accidentally yelling your pizza order to the entire game. You'll know by a glance if your mic is hot or not. At this price, grab an LS1X and leave it with your console to make sure you're never left out of the game, or upgrade to the LS35X for a luxuriously looking, impressively sounding experience on the Xbox One. For more information, visit:

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