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Ad Shift Streaming paved the Way for More Effective ads, ad Reception By Andy Marken "It wasn't a lie, it was ineptitude with insufficient cover." – Dan Draper, "Mad Men," Lionsgate, 2007-2015 At a boat christening party not long ago our proud new owner/client friend – complete in blue blazer and white pants was stepping from the boat to the dock when the wake of a passing boat made his boat shift … a lot. Yep! That 's about what it feels like for the video content (movies, T V ) industry, which is awkwardly … straddling. Last Spring, the networks (and studios/social services) had their annual upfronts to pre-sell all their ad slots for their new shows. They stressed that they were strongly committed to multiplatform (linear and OTT) entertainment and delivering huge viewer reach and engagement. But media buyers and industry leaders seemed to have a tough time understanding whether either or none of the above was most important, and they weren't alone. While they take comfort in the old standard of day/time commitment, they're excited about the possibility of being able to sell their stuff anytime, anywhere, all around the globe. The first thing the networks/ studios did was take a page from OTT Streamers like Netflix and unveiled fewer pilots, emphasizing how audiences will spend billions of hours with their brands across all screens. Given how crowded and confusing the marketplace was, that seemed to work because premiering shows is risky and expensive. To play it safe and cool, the

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