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Actually, the rapidly evolving internet will off er both 5G (speed and capacity for wireless) and Wi-Fi6 (speed, lower latency, more devices). Forget the wild marketing promises because radio waves (both Wi-Fi, 5G) have trouble penetrating things like walls, foliage, etc. and data slows down over distance (it's called physics), which is why the 5G build-out requires 1,000s of small cells spread around town. To launch the new 5G mobile service, providers pay the government to use the spectrum and build a net work of base stations to cover large areas. To save money in metro areas, they of ten share the same frequency band over multiple channels. That 's where your data plan fees go. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, uses unlicensed spectrums which are free once you've paid for your home/office modem. The Wi-Fi router is part of the fee you pay your ISP or you buy your own. For all of us, fast internet access – anywhere – at a decent price is darned important and today, it's almost ubiquitous. To ensure that service is available, it's estimated that there are more than 50M Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe. Many are available in coffee shops, stores, businesses simply by logging in (no they aren't secure, but they are free). So how good is Wi-Fi? Let's just say that your cellular provider off -loads traffic to Wi-Fi as often as possible because folks who are streaming a movie to their smartphone learn very quickly to make certain Wi-Fi is on and working. Your new Wi-Fi 6 devices can still communicate with access points that run older versions of Wi-Fi. Ward noted that 5G will also enable volumetric capture to reach its full potential and enable the M&E industry to develop and deploy VR/AR applications and content. The time just might be right because VR produces a tremendous amount of data. The Het Net ( heterogeneous net work of 5G / W i - F i 6) w ill make i t easier, better, faster to create content in t he cloud and w ill encourage more people to have more screens at home, in the office, with them so people can enjoy more OTT content any where, anytime and begin having more immersive experiences. Ward's presentation tied together a lot of the sessions and put some of the pieces in place for the M&E industry. On the other hand, maybe a little confusion is a good thing in the M&E industry. Remember what management said, "There's money in ordering disorder. Chaos pays."

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