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Speed of Volume 5G Means More Challenges, More Opportunities for M&E BY Andy Marken "That's it. Chaos encapsulated. That's all there is at the end. Just as it was at the beginning." – Management, "The Zero Theorem," Voltage Pictures, 2013 Source - "the zero theorem", Voltage Pictures. If you can find it, if you try it, you'll love it! What is it? Oh, come on … it's 5G. While it's true that 5G is only available in a few isolated spots around the globe. From the attention the technology got at IBC, it's already won the content production/delivery race and is totally reshaping the M&E industry. Everyone else can go home. The truth is no one in the ecosystem (content creators, pipe folks/suppliers) left the global broadcast, media technology event to enjoy the fruit s of their labor because there's way too much work to be done to get great content from the creator to the viewer. The one thing we were reminded of was a throw-away question Cisco's CTO Dave Ward asked at the Entertainment Technology 2019 (ET19) conference a few months ago, "If you can't do it on the internet, is it worth doing?" The event marked the first time SMPTE (Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers) and AIS (Advanced Imaging Society) had joined forces. The combination was good for filmmakers and content owners/distributors to make sense out of what is going on and where we're going to be in a few years … maybe. The only " facts" even after IBC are:

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