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one of the quickest ways to kill a lithium-ion battery. 6. Cleaning It Incorrectly You should be cleaning your Apple Watch regularly, particularly if you wear it during sweaty or high-intensity workouts. With that being said, there's definitely a right and a wrong way to clean your Apple Watch. And if you clean it incorrectly, you may end up damaging it. For one, you should never use any soap, shampoo or another cleaner on your Apple Watch. (That also means you shouldn't shower with it.) Instead, just use warm water to thoroughly clean the case and band and wipe it of f with a microfiber cloth. Also, be sure to keep leather bands and accessories from getting wet. 5. Not Using Its Lesser- Known Features You probably already know about the fitness tracking, heart rate sensors and communication features of your Apple Watch. But the truth is that the wearable is capable of a lot more than that — from macOS security to walking navigation. 1. From the Control Center, you can easily ping your iPhone, for example. 2. You can also use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch by simply double-tapping the Side button. 3. Most music streaming platforms also let you control playback using your Apple Watch, a feature that's criminally underrated. 4. Foregoing Its Health Motivation One of the best things about the Apple Watch is how surprisingly motivating it can be when it comes to your health and fitness. If you aren't taking advantage of the Activity, Workout and other health capabilities of your watch, you're really missing out on one of its most powerful features. Try sharing your Activity data with friends and competing with them. Also, keep an eye out for special Activity Challenges, which let you earn limited edition badges and stickers for workouts. And when it says you should try Breathing for a minute, you may want to take it up on that off er. 3. Not Personalizing It The Apple Watch is, of course, a smart device. But it's also much more of a fashion accessory than an iPad or MacBook. While it's not strictly necessary, you should definitely personalize and customize your Apple Watch as much as you can. That may include tweaking or tailoring the Watch Faces to your specific tastes and needs. It also could also mean buying additional watch bands so that you have a variety of options for different scenarios and events. 2. Not Being Mindful About Its Durability Apple Watches are fairly durable devices. They can withstand quite a lot and still come out unscathed. But they're ultimately electronic devices — and you should keep them as safe as your iPhone. For a device that sits on your wrist, that can be easier said than done. We recommend removing your Apple Watch during contact sports, physical labor or other circumstances when it may get damaged. The Apple Watch is also incredibly water-resistant, but it should not be worn while scuba diving. It may also be smart to throw a screen protector and a more durable case on your Apple Watch for added protection. 1. Not Keeping the Software Updated Like all of Apple's devices, Apple Watches receive periodic watchOS updates that contain new features, security patches and other under-the - hood changes. We recommend installing these as they become available. To do so, just open the Watch app on your iPhone and navigate to General Software Update. Make sure to keep your Watch on its charger and at 50 percent battery life. While the Apple Watch is updating, keep your iPhone nearby.

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