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Holiday Buyer's Guide Need some holiday inspiration? We've got you covered. By Thomas Bender This year we have gifts for the creative mind, the techie, the health conscious, the yogi, and the music lover! 3Doodler Create+ Essentials 3D Printing Pen Set If ever there was innovation in doodling, this is it. 3Doodler has created products that bring doodles to life in the third dimension. By combining handheld technology with formable plastic materials, the 3Doodler Create+ Essentials 3D Printing Pen Set takes your doodles off of the page and puts them in your hand. With 3D doodling power, the sky's the limit. The 3Doodler Create+ set comes with the doodling pen and enough material to play around and get your child (and you!) hooked on this new form of 3D creativity. It's infinitely more accessible than a 3D printer and is capable of bringing the imagination to life in record time. No software requirements, no laptops, no Bluetooth connections, just a pen and some plastic. Once you get hooked on doodling, there are a ton of mediums to choose from, both in varying colors and also materials, including real-wood pulp options for hobbyists or DIY'ers that are looking to fix small dents and blemishes at home. And while the 3Doodler Create+ is great for grown-ups, I love seeing it in the hands of children (under the proper amount of supervision, of course). It's incredible how quickly a young child can grasp the power and flexibility of this instant 3D printing, and what their minds will quickly jump to create. My niece was quick to off er instant jewelry to the family and her dolls, write anyone's name in 3D, and she even created her own Christmas tree ornament while the family was still decorating. It wasn't long before everyone was trying their hand with the pen to create their own ornament. While online videos make it look easy, it's worth noting that 3Doodline is hard. It will take a while before you're building pyramids in the air, but part of the fun is learning and mastering the skill. Even the tool itself presents some...opportunities for children to learn the basic mechanics. It functions like a glue gun, feeding tubes of plastic that come out hot and malleable on the other end, but which cool in seconds, giving the author the ability to draw in the air and instantly handle their creations. The options really are endless, and 3Doodler provides a library of resources for inspiration, including templates, stencils, and even forms for ball and socket joints and other complex creations. If you or your child have the creative itch and yearn to hold those creations in your hand, then the 3Doodler Create+ Essentials 3D Printing Pen Set is an awesome and easy entry into the world of 3D printing and its limitless potential. For more information, visit:

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