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Keep that VPN on We know that you know how to use a VPN when connected to hotel or Airbnb WiFi — after all, those are clearly public networks in the same way that airport or coffee shop networks are. But a lot of people assume that home networks set up by friends and family are completely safe, and this, unfortunately, is a mistake. We're not implying that your Gran is going to hack you, of course. But we are suggesting that a network which you haven't configured yourself is, by definition, a bit of an unknown. And unfortunately, this means that our loved ones' home networks may not be as secure as we'd like. That's why whenever you're using a network that you didn't personally set up, it's best to err on the side of caution and go on using that VPN. Set up fast sleep and password prompts If you leave your laptop open on the kitchen table, you trust your relatives not to install malware on it or start going through your emails. But do you trust the younglings not to look at your Amazon shopping history for a preview of Christmas morning? It's happened to more than one family, which is why it's important to practice physical device security even at your relatives' homes — especially if you're going to be in a house with lots of people around. The best (and most graceful) way to do this is to set your computer to require a password after going to sleep or starting up a screensaver, and then to change the settings on your machine so that it goes to sleep after a short period of inactivity. If you're using a MacBook, you can also use Hot Corners to create a shortcut which will activate the screensaver when you move your mouse pointer to a designated corner of your screen. Your device will be off -limits to curious children, and when you start up the screensaver before leaving the room, everyone will just assume that you're only doing what you normally do out of habit. Give the gift of cybersecurity If you've done all of these things, you're not only much safer than most people, but you probably know a lot more about computer security as well! Here on the Checklist, we believe that sharing knowledge is the best way to keep one another digitally secure — and the holidays are the perfect time to share what you know with the people you love the most. There's time to sit around and talk, and people are in a more relaxed and receptive frame of mind than usual. Plus, you're all in the same room together, making it easy to show someone how to set something up or to demonstrate how something works. About securemac Founded in 1999, SecureMac ( has been a leading contributor to Apple security since the 2005 release of the original MacScan anti-malware tool. In the years since, SecureMac has continued to play an essential role in providing macOS users with straightforward options for better security. From the development of the faster and more powerful MacScan 3 to the company's ongoing development of online privacy tool PrivacyScan, users can easily equip themselves for protection. With the addition of The Checklist, SecureMac continues to showcase a deep commitment to accessible security and the importance of digital awareness for all Mac users. For more info visit

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