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hard to get you in certain roles because you did Sharknado," she explains. "Then, I went on with booking Grand Hotel, a network show, so that's so untrue. You are the one who controls your destiny." Booking the role of Vanessa was a huge success for Cassie —especially because so many people doubted her. Cassie pours her heart and soul into every audition. "I'm going to study the hell out of the character I'm going to audition for. I'm going to research what that character has gone through," she says. "I write to learn my lines, that visual helps me get it in my brain until I'm not thinking of the words anymore." She likes to form a backstory and writes diary entries for each character she auditions for. Rejection is the hardest part of each audition, but that doesn't stop her from going to the next one. "You have to have tough skin." Cassie has learned that patience is key in Hollywood. "I get so excited when my phone rings, when an agent calls, because I think the hardest part is waiting—waiting sucks!" Her favorite roles are those that feel the most foreign to her. "I love psychology and acting is very much psychology —it's understanding people and different walks of life. When I book a role that feels very displaced from who I am, that really excites me because it allows me to be an actress." Thanks to acting, Cassie has been able to walk in other people's shoes and understand their motives. "You just learn so many things about so many different people." And it's that closeness to her characters that made her want to join Boo2Bullying. While playing a bully in Make It or Break It, Cassie decided to join the cause. "My character was so broken and really just needed to be loved." Cassie has always had a desire to give back, even at a young age. "I wanted to have some sort of platform to help people and send positive messages," she explains. Boo2Bullying was the perfect platform for Cassie to help others. As their Vice President, Cassie is on a mission to spread kindness, empathy, and compassion. "It's been an amazing escape—not to sound selfi sh because I love what I do. I love that in turn I get to step outside of the entertainment industry and speak at these schools and advocate for kindness. One of the main things we talk about is, You're not alone —in the sense that everybody has dealt with some sort of bullying or knows somebody who has felt some sort of bullying or has felt isolated. Whatever it is, everybody has some kind of issue." She is trying to break the silence of those who feel alone, teach acceptance, and show that everyone is dealing with their own problems. Cassie keeps herself busy. In between auditions and working with Boo2Bullying, she co-hosts a podcast with her two best friends, "Two and a Half Girls," a fun comedy talk show, where Cassie and her friends, Brett Collins and Laura Samuels, have fun and chat with celebrity guests. Listen and get caught up on season one's adventures and get ready for season two, where your favorite celebrities will continue doing dares in the name of charities. MD Follow Cassie on Instagram: @CassieScerbo @boo2bullying @twoandahalfgirls

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