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Not Just For The Gym Elite Active 65t By Jabra By Thomas Bender Jabra's Elite Active 65t may be the best true wireless headphones for working out. And while it's nice to have a pair specifically for your workouts, the features wrapped into the Elite Actives make them great for all day use, from commuting to studying to running. At first glance, the Elite Active 65t seem larger than some of the alternatives, but that larger appearance comes at the benefit of a shallower design that doesn't stick out of the ears very far. It's more discreet than a lot of other options (cough, AirPods, cough), and it also helps create some truly impressive sound isolation in the ears. You'll also notice that the build quality of these Jabra ear buds is top notch. They feel sturdy and resilient, but round and soft enough to trust in your ears. And while the Active version has an o©cial IP56 rating— compared to the regular model Elite 65t—the manufacturing and materials alone offer assurances that dust and sweat won't be a problem. Like all in-ear headphones, the fit is extremely important—more so for true wireless earbuds that need to stay positioned in the ear all on their own. Jabra includes three sizes of anti-slip gel tips, and while they always felt 'tight' to me when first inserting them, an hour into my workout, I wasn't even noticing them, and I almost never had to adjust or reposition them during my runs. One of the standout features of the Elite Active 65t is their great sound quality. The snug fit and internal components create a really impressive audio signature for true wireless headphones.

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