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60 MacDirectory CLOSER LOOK mSTATION > BRIGHT, COLORFUL, AND PORTABLE SOUND ENHANCEMENT FOR IPOD USERS WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN When you first go to mStation's Web site your eye is immediately captured by the array of bright colors displayed. A closer look shows that what you are seeing is not merely a highly decorative addition to your home, but an artistically designed, visually pleasing, subwoofer known as the Orb. Yes, I know, subwoofers aren't generally artistic or visually pleasing. Worst of all, most of them don't deliver anything close to the kind of sound quality most people want and expect. This is where the Orb is truly different, because the Orb is a desktop docking station and speaker system made especially for iPod. Because it is designed with the iPod (and iPod users) in mind, the Orb comes with a 10-key remote that provides users the ability to easily navigate through their playlists – even from a distance – along with treble, bass and volume settings. Only eight inches in diameter, the Orb is a true little wonder, providing sound quality and volume well above what you would expect given its diminutive size. Or, as they put it on mStation's site, the Orb "gives you that room filling "thump" that's missing in most other iPod speaker systems. Or to put it more bluntly, gone are the days where you attach your iPod to a subwoofer for a party only to find that the system just doesn't have what it takes. The Orb also puts to rest the image of an ugly, unwieldy subwoofer that is difficult to transport, hard to control, and takes up too much space in your home or office. And that brings me to perhaps the most appealing feature of the Orb. That is the way its design screams "fun." While both the Orb and its designers at mStation obviously take the product seriously – as seen by its aforementioned superior sound quality – they also haven't forgotten that at the end of the day, music is, ultimately, about taking you away from the daily grind, or at least making said daily grind just a tad bit more entertaining. They also haven't forgotten that the majority of iPod users are creative individuals who love color – which is why the Orb comes in six bright bursts of it, including red, lime green, neon blue, hot pink – and – for the purists among us – black and white. This gives users the option of having this smart little accessory match your iPod, your home or office decor, or both. And because the Orb is as light as it is colorful, it can also be easily transported to wherever you take your iPod. The remote, meanwhile, fits neatly into the back of the design, minimizing its likeli- hood of getting lost while travelling, while your iPod rests easily and securely on the Orb's top. Funky, fun, and way more powerful than it looks, the Orb proves that it really is "the dedicated subwoofer that makes all the difference."

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