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58 MacDirectory CLOSER LOOK TENBA > IT'S ALL IN THE BAG As anyone who has tried to fly with a laptop knows, it can be a challenge. With airport security regulations tightened in the wake of 9/11, travelers have to remove their laptops completely from their cases and have them X-rayed separately – not an easy or convenient thing to do, especially if you're also juggling other bags, coats, and shoes. Or then again, maybe your laptop isn't the challenge, but your camera bag. Perhaps it is unwieldy and hard to carry, or maybe its storage capacity isn't what it should be. Or maybe size isn't the issue, but the ability to have your equipment organized in the bag in a logical way, so that you can easily find what you need when you need it. The good news for anyone who has ever experienced these situations is Tenba . Tenba is a company that specializes in bags and bag accessories that enable you to easily carry everything from your laptop to a high-end camera. Of course, the term bags doesn't even begin to describe the quality and attention to detail Tenba puts into their products – all of which are designed with an eye to their customers needs. Take, for instance, the situation with laptops at airports. To answer that need, Tenba offers the Skooba Checkthrough. The Skooba Checkthrough is a laptop bag with a separate window compartment inside of it. This compartment is designed so the image of the laptop presented to the X-ray machine screener is the same as what they would see if the laptop had actually been removed from the bag and placed in a bin. Users simply have to open the bag and place it face up on the security belt. "Checkpoint-friendly", and able to hold as much (if not more) than a "regular" computer bag, the Skooba Checkthrough should be the first choice for all travelers. As for cameras, Tenba offers users a whole line of camera bags called Shootout. Shootout encompasses everything from backpacks and shoulder bags to the Slingbag, which allows users to organize their cameras and equipment in such a way that all they have to do is reach in and grab what they need. Tenba's Messenger bags, meanwhile, are made of tough nylon, and are available in two sizes (small and large), and seven colors. There is even a special edition Messenger bag which is available in an extra large size and includes a custom laser engravable name tag. But just as impressive as the variety of Tenba's offerings is their emphasis on user friendly design. In a recent press release Tenba's Peter Waisner was quoted as saying, "(We) pay an obsessive amount of attention to details. Our Messenger bags, for example, feature zipper access from the top. That may seem like a little thing, but if you add up all those little things – the ones photographers have asked for – you end up satisfying that portion of the market in a big way." And as if superior design weren't enough, Tenba also offers style. Their bags are sporty and rugged enough for the outdoor photographer, while at the same time elegant and professional enough for the business user. They are also priced in such a way that just about anyone can fit one into their budget, even in these tough economic times. WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN

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