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56 MacDirectory CLOSER LOOK PIVOTAL'S PODIUM > FOR THE ULTIMATE IPHONE EXPERIENCE "Pivotal, a Procreate Inc. company, de- signs high quality, innovative and engaging accessories specifically for Apple's iPhone." So says their Web site and we are usually leery of Web site promotions. Well, if there is a WOW factor in iPhone accessories, Pivotal has come up with the ultimate iPhone experience – Podium. Podium elegantly transforms your iPhone into a desktop computer and widescreen entertainment center. MacDirectory had the chance to speak with Scott Baumann, entrepreneur and president of the company. MacDirectory > Tell us about Scott Baumann. Sounds like you are an entrepreneur and a designer. Scott Baumann > An entrepreneur by way of design, I suppose. The gift of design has given me the ability to bring my ideas to life, and that's where the entrepreneur part happens. I'm fortunate to have had the opportunity and experience of working within a wide variety of industries and markets. Offering fresh, relevant, ideas to new market spaces and breathing life into them through design is where my passion lies. Podium is a classic example of passion driven product development and my position within Pivotal. MD > Tell us about a little about Pivotal and the goals of the company. SB > Pivotal is an exciting new company intensely committed to designing premium, high quality, innovative and engaging mobile accessories. The marriage of touch screen and accelerometer technologies has defined the future of mobile communications. Pivotal designs innovative and unique accessories that not only enhance user experience, but these new devices themselves. Thus the name, Pivot-All. MD > Is Podium your first accessory for the iPhone? SB > It is, we started working on the concept of a revolving stand shortly after Apple's announcement of the iPhone in 2007 and filed our fist patent in October of that year. It's take awhile to get it right, but I think you'll agree, we did. MD > Put the 3G iPhone in the cradle here and line everything up. It pivots sideways or vertical. The icons are easy to reach and everything is in view. The steel base has more than enough weight to make it quite stable. We can visualize just how useful this will be to any iPhone user. This frees the user's hands for other things. We can sit and type this interview and glance over at e-mail or respond to a phone call without having to stop except to push the icon. SB > The more you use it, the more you're going to love it and realize just how much time you spend fiddling with your phone throughout the day. Even its most basic use as speaker phone, simply being able to see who is calling or make a call without picking up your phone is incredibly convenient. Watch a movie in bed from a comfortable position on your iPhone and you realize that Podium will forever change how you look at and interact with your iPhone. It's been designed and engineered with extreme attention to every detail, from its form-fitting soft-snap cradle and smooth spherical bearing mechanism which enables you to infinitely the viewing angle. MD > Is the Podium just for the iPhone or does is also work with the iPod touch? SB > It does, Podium for iPhone 3G works great for both first and second generation iPod touch models. You can find more information on the Podium at . Enter coupon code MDirectory and receive 20% off. WORDS BY E.L. GRIGGS AND KARL HENTE

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