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52 MacDirectory CLOSER LOOIK THINK PRODUCTS > SAFE, SECURE AND PATENTED ANSWERS TO ALL YOUR TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT SAFETY NEEDS The news for technophiles is grim. iPods and laptops are the most commonly stolen items on college campuses. The University of North Carolina alone, in fact, deals with an average of two laptops a week "walking away" from their owners. Even the federal government has recently had to deal with laptops, confined to a "secure" space in an equally "secure" office, mysteriously disappearing – along with all of the highly proprietary data they contained. And it isn't just laptops and iPods. iPhones, iTouches, PDAs – pretty much any type of portable device is in danger. So what should we do? Stop carrying laptops, iPods and PDAs? Or continue to use these items but keep thousands of backups handy? It's a dilemma, but fortunately, it's one that's already been solved by Think Products . There are all kinds of companies out there that claim to be able to protect your most precious asset, your personal data. Think Products is different because they protect what's on your devices by securing the devices themselves. In other words, Think Products merchandise is a line of EXTERNAL locking mechanisms, which the company has not only designed and developed, but patented. The founder of Think Products, self- described "mad scientist" Peter Allen, realized a while ago that as a society we were becoming more dependent on mobile technology. What he also realized was that there really weren't any good products on the market designed to lock down, or physically secure, said devices. So he got together with two other like- minded individuals, and came up with the LAPLOCKr. Billed as the ultimate security for any laptop, the LAPLOCKr can be permanently mounted to a tabletop or desk. Think Products also has a product called myClamp, which is a portable locking device that attaches directly to a desk or tabletop. Easy to secure and unsecure, LAPLOCKr and myClamp guarantee that your laptop will stay put, no matter where you are. We all know that not all laptops are created equal and that's why Think Products has recently come up with the AIRLOCKr. This product was designed specifically for the thinner MacBook Air (though it will work on all MacBook products). Dan Sullivan of Think Products highly recommends this device as "the most innovative product we have. It is made out of reinforced steel and looks like a tab with teeth on the end of it. It goes through the hinge of your laptop and on the back is a cable and combi- nation lock that locks on the teeth." This product actually locks the laptop down at the strongest point, even one as thin as the MacBook Air. This product has recently passed through Think Products rigorous testing process with flying colors, and should be ready for a spring debut at your local Apple store. As for the iPod and PDAs, fear not. Once again, Think Products is on the cutting edge, offering iCage – the only product currently on the market designed to secure and protect iPhones, iPods, and the iTouch. The iCage is a protective case with a locking security cable secured by a MasterLock. This item is a big hit with college students who are now able to lock their iPods to their backpacks, making it more difficult for iPods to get up and walk away from dorm rooms, study halls and libraries. As reported earlier in this article, iPods are now the number one item stolen at universities, so Think Products already sees a ready-made market for the iCage. Sullivan also told MacDirectory that the iCage was a huge hit at this year's MacWorld Expo, attracting all kinds of attention and interest. So if you are looking for an easy way to secure your most valuable technological assets, head over to Think Products. WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN LAPLOCKR

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